Theremin - Someone (Vinyl)

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  1. Dujin
    At this level, you are pretty much paying for the entire vinyl pressing so you'll be listed as an Executive Producer on the back of the record sleeve, as well as being sent a "thank-you" cornucopia of Exquisite Objects from Century Guild: out-of-print books, deluxe art books, all the records and wax cylinders that we've produced, as well as everything Aurora-related.
  2. Tojahn
    No, that's subjective. An artist's use of a theremin mentioned in verifiable, reliable sources should be the criterion. A work may not be accessible (say, it exists only on a vinyl LP now out of print) but may have earned a comment from a notable critic about theremin use, and should be mentioned.
  3. Volkree
    The Theremin playing of Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman can be heard among the orchestra. This musical was recorded in and released as a set of four 78 rpm discs. Two years later, it was reissued as a single vinyl LP. Harry Revel, Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman.
  4. Vim
    Nov 11,  · someone here would have an answer to. I am convinced that there's a cello on "Good Vibrations". this on a vinyl copy of the Friends/Smiley Smile double set. Thanks! AudioEnz Forum Resident. Location: Christchurch, New Zealand. mudbone said: It's a theremin. Click to expand The theremin is the spooky, high instrument throughout Good.
  5. Kagagar
    The theremin, originally known as the ætherphone/etherphone, thereminophone or termenvox/thereminvox, is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer) pins.
  6. Kazraktilar
    I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone by Wednesday, released 07 February 1. Fate Is 2. Billboard 3. Love Has No Pride (Condemned) 4. Underneath 5. November 6. Maura 7. Coyote 8. Revenge of the Lawn I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone is Wednesday’s second full-length album & first as a full band. The Asheville, NC quintet (guitarist/vocalist Karly Hartzman, lead guitarist.
  7. Mora
    Hit to Hit by 2nd Grade, released 1. W-2 2. Trigger Finger 3. Velodrome 4. Something I'll Have To Remember 5. Baby's First Word 6. Hrs 7. Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider 8. Shooting From The Hip 9. Over and Over Bye-bye Texas You're So Cool My Bike Sunkist Not in the Band Sucking the Thumb
  8. Akinoshura
    Andromeda by Alex Rex, released 07 February 1. Song of Self Doubt 2. Handfull of Hair 3. I Am Happy 4. Funeral Music for Alex Rex 5. Oblivion 6. Coward's Song 7. Rottweilers 8. Alibi Blues 9. Haunted House The Uses of Trauma I'm Not Hurting No More Pass the Mask Alex Rex is the nom de guerre of Alex Neilson - drummer to some of the most innovative musicians on the.
  9. Manris
    Infrarouge by Minuit Machine, released 1. Chaos 2. DRGS 3. Prey/Hunter 4. Empty Shell 5. Ballet 6. 98" 7. Fear Of Missing Out 8. Sacrifice 9. I Am a Boy remastered Forgive Me For My Sins.